POWER KIDS: A New Eco-Energy Games


In addition to providing energy news and information, the Energetika.NET media and publishing house also strives to raise awareness in this field. For this purpose, we joined forces with our partners to develop an online eco-energy game platform for children, called POWER KIDS. Our first awareness-raising game was created in co-operation with the Slovenian energy trader Energija plus. In the game, which features two heroes, Lightning Girl and Super Gas Man, the player’s task is to reverse the damage caused by glaze ice. The POWER KIDS platform was launched on Earth Day.

The POWER KIDS project is the result of Energetika.NET’s co-operation with several energy companies. The first game, which was launched on Earth Day, was developed in co-operation with Energija plus, and features the characters of Super Gas Man and Lighting Girl – the heroes who help reverse the damage caused by a storm, which has left many people without electricity and heating. The game illustrates the importance of energy in our daily lives and offers insight into the important work of the people taking care of the system that supplies energy to our homes. Upon entering the game, the player is introduced to another character, dr. Eco, who explains the rules, as well as the significance of the energy powering our homes. In the game, the player is assisted by two heroes, Lightning girl and Super Gas Man. The goal is to work together with the heroes to restore the supply of energy to as many houses as possible. When the correct hero is chosen, the house lights or heats up and the inhabitants become happy again. The game is also used as an introduction into a series of educational events in Slovenian primary schools with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of energy and environmental protection.

The game is intended mostly for primary school children in the first two triads. The key aim of the project is to show the children how important energy is in our daily lives and to provide insight into the important work of the people taking care of the system that supplies energy to our homes.

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Foto: Mateja K. Kegel

The children of Maribor’s primary schools, who had the chance to test the game featuring Lightning Girl and Super Gas Man even before Earth Day, enjoyed the fact that they were able to help reverse the damage caused by a natural disaster. As one of the pupils, Zoja, put it: “I find this game very interesting, as I love to solve different puzzles. I like the fact that in the game, you help the people in the houses and give them energy. I’ll definitely keep playing it and collecting points,” whereas her schoolmate, Patrik, was also pleased about the fact that the game allows him to keep coming back to it and competing with his friends. “I like it that you repair the houses, that you help the people. It is also good that you have several lives so that you can continue playing even if you make a mistake,” he said.

energija plus igra strela plin hise mala

The POWER KIDS platform is designed to enable annual upgrades, allowing us to keep adding attractive new games, which offer young players a fun way of learning about the significance of reliable energy supply and why it is important to use energy prudently.