• 28-05-2016

    Energetika.NET’s and RWE’s Energy Challenge

    Energetika.NET and RWE have joined forces to develop an online game called Energy Challenge, which offers children a fun way of learning about the significance of efficient use of energy in school as well as at home. The launch of the game was accompanied by the publication of a colouring book featuring didactic challenges.

  • 27-05-2016

    POWER KIDS: A New Eco-Energy Games

    In addition to providing energy news and information, the Energetika.NET media and publishing house also strives to raise awareness in this field. For this purpose, we joined forces with our partners to develop an online eco-energy game platform for children, called POWER KIDS. Our first awareness-raising game was created in co-operation with the Slovenian energy trader Energija plus. In the game, which features two heroes, Lightning Girl and Super Gas Man, the player’s task is to reverse the damage caused by glaze ice. The POWER KIDS platform was launched on Earth Day.